Removing an Auction

Step 1: Click “Login”

Step 1: Click "Login"

The Login sign is at the top of the home page, in the blue tab.

Enter Email and Password

Enter Email and Password

Enter your iBid4Storage email and password.

Go to “My Storage Auctions”

Go to "My Storage Auctions"

Once logged in, users will automatically be taken to their accounts page.

To remove a unit, go to “My Storage Auctions” in the light blue banner.

Find “Edit Units”

Find "Edit Units"

In the “My Storage Auctions” category there will be an “Edit Units” section beside “Add New Unit”.

Select an Auction

Select an Auction

Be sure to remember which Storage facility and unit you would like to remove before selecting “REMOVE”.

Press “REMOVE”

Press "REMOVE"

Once a Seller is certain of the unit they wish to remove, simply press “REMOVE”

Click “OK”

Click "OK"

After selecting “REMOVE” a prompt will appear to double-check users would like to remove the unit permanently.

Press “OK” if you have selected the correct unit to remove.

Press “Cancel” if it is incorrect.

Automatic Removal

Automatic Removal

Once users have permanently removed the unit, it should automatically update in the “Edit Units” section.