Adding Numerous Location Emails

Step 1 : Click “Login”

Step 1 : Click "Login"

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Step 3: Click “My Account”

Step 3: Click "My Account"



Step 4: Click “My Locations”

Step 4: Click "My Locations"

Step 5: Scroll to “Location Email”

Step 5: Scroll to "Location Email"

“Location Emails” are not visible on the site, and are used for invoices only.  

Step 6: Enter Emails

Step 6: Enter Emails

To add more than one “Location Email” separate by using a comma


Step 8: Click “Submit”

Step 8: Click "Submit"

Clicking “SUBMIT” will save all data entered or later changes.

If you do not click “SUBMIT” any data entered will not be saved.