iBid Watch

iBid Watch provides Bidders with the benefit of saving time, by giving Bidders instant access to their favourite lockers!

Step 1: Login

Step 1: Login

The login button is located at the top of the Home Page in the dark blue banner.

Please note, only users with an account on iBid4Storage can purchase Platinum Advantage features.

If users are new to iBId4Storage, an account must be created.

Please click “Register” beside the login button to create an account.

Enter email and Password

Enter email and Password

Please enter the email and password,

Be sure to double-check spelling.

Click “Login”

Click "Login"

Click “Login” to enter website.

Step 2: Choose an Auction

Step 2: Choose an Auction

Choose an auction for bidding.

Step 3: Click “watch this auction”

Step 3: Click "watch this auction"

By clicking “watch this auction” iBid4Storage will create a folder for Bidders to add lockers that they would like to keep track of.

Clicking “Watch-List” prompt

Clicking "Watch-List" prompt

Once clicked, iBid4Storage will prompt Bidders to their watch-list.



Clicking “Watch-List” will take users to their watch-list, which can be found under “Watch-List” in their accounts.