Welcome to iBid4Storage!

Now that you’ve registered and logged in, there’s only a few more steps until the fun can begin. By following 3 simple steps, iBid4Storage will have your auction up and ready for sale in no time at all.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Click on “My Account”

Step 2: Update Personal Information

This is where you will be able to update your account information, such as;
  • Username
  • Company Name
  • Company Profile
  • Change Passwords
  • Add Location
  • Add Company Logo
  • Alter Notification Settings

Be sure to click “SUBMIT” when finished

Step 3: Click on “My Storage Auctions”

Users may add as many units as they wish. However, be sure to fill in all necessary fields for a successful update.

Here you can update and edit information regarding any unit added, such as;

  • Start/End Times
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Unit Information
  • Bid Notifications
  • Mask ID (Hides unit number with a mask ID for security purposes)

Additional Features and Tips

Along with being able to add various units, iBid4Storage provides our users with special features such as;

  • Full Auction Detail Pages
  • Automatic Information Transfer (We’ll input all necessary information into Billing and Terms & Conditions)
  • Location Emails
  • Legal Notifications (We also provide the eviction template for units former tenants)

To make the entire process as smooth as possible, here are some helpful tips from iBid4Storage;

  1. Be sure to save and click “ADD UNIT” at the bottom of each page
  2. Start unit prices lower to create more bid engagement
  3. Five images is plenty!
  4. Always stand outside unit, for best quality pictures
  5. Include detailed description of items inside unit
  6. Pictures are always best!